All along, I have classified him a Bongo flava artist but this week, I finally learned that Otile Brown hails from this my land! Honestly, I couldn’t contain my excitement on the discovery. Why? Great and consistent mainstream {contemporary} music is as scarce as a hen’s teeth here and thus, I am happy with the progress he’s been making since 2016. His popularity is substantial and is evidenced by the series of unhurried but timely hits.

His is a rather glassy sound. The general love-inspired motif is accurate for his vocals that are not loud. Most importantly, it is, in my opinion, music without an overblown extravaganza. The tonal beauty is, overall, very well-blended. I must admit that I find his placid approach quite appealing. Top #FiveOnFriday today features Otile Brown

Filled with incidents and details , this is a story that moves with great assurance towards a story of marital bliss. A song that embraces the tradition of changing to accommodate a partner, a happily ever after and raising a family with utter conviction. The video staging is smartly devised to bring the song to life; however, about the radiance? Not so much on my part. Nonetheless, the duet quite yielded a texture in the moments.
Part of my joy in this production, is that it is the song that introduced me to Otile Brown. It created quite an impression that led me to want about his music. The lyrics, echoing a certain regret, are particularly stirring and evoking perhaps the importance of having good value judgement in relationships. Besides having a good and catchy sense of flow, the rap by King Kaka adds to it a beautiful detail.
I love the accents and momentum in this song which predisposes listeners to a critical message committed to his babe. Inevitably, the lyrics “Achana nao, hao wenye roho mbaya, wanatusema vibaya”, deservedly draw attention and are, perhaps, a bridge of two disparate hearts in transit together. Additionally, I also like that throughout the song, both sentimentality and imagery was respected.
In the wake of writing this post, this was released. Ernest, perhaps, and with a private tenderness set out on limpid tone.

I think Otile is a pleasant artist that though caught up in celebrity drama, would amount to something good, if but for himself.