Wassa Sainte Nébuleuse

It is not a pleasure I have every day or week to witness excellent musicians, however, for the better part of this year, I have been lucky to revel in some performances that, although not necessarily thrown to evoke great emotion, were very much enjoyable. This week’s showcase was one such event and it couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Wassa Sainte Nébuleuse – how fresh, well pronounced and dynamic! Over the duration during which she performed, I found her to be a good musician. Her dominating status certainly owed not only to her full-bodied vocal capabilities but also to her delicate and playful nature which was a good reason to engage whenever she asked the audience to join in.

All the same, the concert’s time was short spanning a little less than 2 hours and, in spite of a repertoire that suited her like a glove, I found Wassa’s staying power a shortcoming. Nonetheless, it was free concert and with free things, perhaps we are not to expect much.

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