23/08/2018; To Najin and Fatu

First things first, how on earth did we come so close to facing the extinction of so many species? Time can be a cruel thief; yet, through inaction, we let it steal from us time and again. I journeyed to Ol Pejeta Conservancy earlier this morning to witness a procedure that will likely save a species. Hopefully, this artificial reproduction technique will be successful in the near future.

If a picture paints a thousand words, that there are TWO Northern White Rhinos left worldwide should paint our predicament. The two are Najin, born on 11th July 1989 and her daughter Fatu, born on 29th June 2000. [Un]naturally, they are in captivity under the close surveillance of Ol Pejeta. Granted, the species had a range spanning parts of Uganda, Chad, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Kenya etc. Sad, isn’t it?

Lest I get too emotional about our precious wildlife, which I should, I’ll get into the subject of today’s Five on Friday inspired by a declaration of love; a love of life, self, others, nature, animals and greatest of all, this universe we live in.

A greatly evolving singer from Zimbabwe who, like Chiwoniso Maraire, plays the historically male-dominated mbira. Idenga features on her album, The Exorcism Of A Spinster.
Listening to Cameroon artist has been a such a joy this August. Whether there is something off or on about Moken Nunga, he has been such a vibe! Can you feel it too?
Influenced by Ethiopian musical greats such as Mahmoud Ahmed, Tilahun Gessesse, Mulatu Astatqe, Dereb gives a tasteful repast of their soulful 60s and 70s music.
I am yet to fully immerse myself into this daughter of Tunisia but the fact that she draws inspiration from Oum Khalthoum is sufficient. A breath of fresh air, innit?
Thanks to my Burkinabae 😉 I was introduced to the music of kamale n’goni player Massa Adama Dembele. If the music appeals to you in any way, buy/listen to his music here.

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