03/01/2020; Happy New Year

A lovely way to open my new year, and new decade! – is with a Five on Friday featuring my favourite new finds! Seeing as I am not willing to attend any concerts until early next month, I am purposing to look out for joyously hummamble tunes that will get me through the month.

Here is my tally of which I’m happy to say fit the description to a T!

Guiding an excellent acoustic, I first saw Sigu’s performance at Dagoz and his style quite took me in. Now, if Brian Sigu fails to move you, then something may be terribly wrong. That is not, however, to say that you take for granted his singing and performance. It takes a good deal of musicianship to work a piece as good as this.
If there’s anything that can evoke in us an inspiration to acknowledge and appreciate ourselves, our families, our friends, our cultures etc., it is music. Music such as this, performed by an artist such as this.
This is that energy I am coming into the new year with! Do Dara (you are nothing) – if this is not, ultimately, the message I will be giving to anything or anyone that does not bring me alive, then I will have failed not just myself but my queen Chidid too.
My quest for griot traditions led me to Mauritania; to the Moorish griot tradition and what extraordinary material this is! The density of its texture, its motivic intensity and better yet, Noura’s essence – certainly the Diva of the Desert.
Gratitude, writes David Whyte, arises from paying attention and that thankfulness finds its full measure in the generosity of presence, both through participation and witness. Thank you Sjava for your music and for you.

At the last hurrah, thank you universe for another year of your presence both within and outside. Happy New Year!

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