21/08/2020; When Tragedy Inspires Music

Struck by a serious case of writer’s block, I have been allowing myself the luxury of taking my time amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Hope and sadness seem to be inseparable this year. Yet, in the heart of this joint venture, there has been productivity – an output that underscores the inevitability of music to reach places that other art forms can’t reach.

Music not only has the power to elevate the nature of our emotions, but also to transform and amplify reality. Thus, it’s incredible to look back and realize that 2020 has not only re-framed how we listen to music; it has confounded and redefined our concepts of tragedy, distance and the significance of music in both.

If there’s any one feeling that’s dominating my day, it is that of a grief. Grief heightened by the drama and unbearable tragedy that is the Kenyan government. Today’s #FiveOnFriday is a reflection of the range of emotions I’m feeling right now.

Today, I especially feel that my reality is a lot uglier than this title suggests. The perfect soundtrack for the present times under the grave incompetence and depravity of Uhuru Kenyatta and his regime.
For someone nuanced with the effect of escapism, this song brings me back to the dramatic effects of today with some chilling kind of potency.
At it’s core, Sambolera infuses me with an anguished musing at how evil and fragile the human psyche rests on.
A soothing reminder for moments when we need music to cope with challenges and for moments when we need to respond to our grief with compassion.
A beautiful orchestration of anticipation – exciting, frightening and intimidating at best.

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