This is a review of TEFB’s Tom Mboya Edition that went down Saturday 5th October 2019 A damaging political climate between the 1950s and 70s culminated in a number of infamous assassinations. So, when the Too Early for Birds team returned to the stage this past weekend, they brought with them one of these fascinating […]

From the moment I came across the poster, it was a certainty that I had to attend Breathe and so, on Sunday quarter to 3 thereabouts, I diligently walked to Alliance Française for the penult show. How do I tell you how much pleasure the cast gave me that afternoon? Or how much more interested […]

Saturday 28th July was a delicious treat! I attended the 7-9 pm #TEFBrazen show which was much more vivid and engaging than I expected. The production, directed by Wanjiku Mwawuganga, was arousing and brazenly unapologetic with a humor that served well too. Here is a brief recap of what I made of the performance: Based […]

I found this to be a bemusing yet fascinating performance with a strangely complementary use of movement and silence. Its mixed media was a good interplay of sounds by Ronnie Goodman and a video by Raymond Ndikwe both of which served as a backdrop for projecting what seemed to me a necessary sense of expectation. […]

In my campus days, I would go to see practically any play showing at the Kenya National and the Phoenix Theatres. Now, I seem to be getting more risk-averse as I grow older. The first musical I ever watched was way back in 2011 at the Phoenix Theatre; an adaptation of Arthur Sullivan’s opera, The […]