In the wake of testing positive for the coronavirus, we have woken up to the news that Cameroonian sax legend Manu Dibango has come to the ground. In a Facebook post shared by Manu’s family, Manu Dibango passed away aged 86 on 24th March 2020 at a hospital just outside of Paris, France. Born in […]

King Kaka

Kennedy Ombima alias King Kaka is no stranger to popular conscious music nor to the world of spoken word. Thus, when he dropped ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’, his piece echoed the anxieties that a majority of Kenyan youth is experiencing. A channel for political expression, Wajinga Nyinyi worked the corruption scandals of the current regime into sizeable and memorable text.

A symbol of identity galvanizing pop, soul, jazz, blues and opera, her voice is a divine gift from God. Even in her 70s, the Queen of Soul still carried a rare enthusiasm for music with her final public performance materializing in November 2017 at an Elton John AIDS foundation gala. Sadly, at 9:50 am thereabouts […]

It all went with a terrific swing. That cold drizzly night in August 2016 when Hugh Masekela performed a series of brilliant and rapturous music which, together with the animating backgrounds, became sort of a whole world. Music, especially of his kind, is meant to be enjoyed live with all senses involved. It was one […]

Early this week, I happened to have a discussion about Agatha Christie’s infamous novel Ten Little Niggers; later reprinted as And Then There Were None. I won’t delve into the details of our discussion, but it helped me shape what I am going to address today. You see, history has turned somersaults to get to where […]