Blick Bassy has been one of my greatest finds this year. His latest album, 1958, grounded in both melody and voice, is what happens when making music actually matters. The album, done in Bassy’s native language, Basa’a, is a eulogium for Ruben Um Nyobè. The depth in which he sings is remarkable and so are […]

It is not a pleasure I have every day or week to witness excellent musicians, however, for the better part of this year, I have been lucky to revel in some performances that, although not necessarily thrown to evoke great emotion, were very much enjoyable. This week’s showcase was one such event and it couldn’t have […]

The more behindhand I get, the more music and musings I accumulate that I have to write about; so many that the sheer thought of them all might render none of them writ. Nonetheless, I have to, today, feature this one enduringly beautiful album by a woman I have come to adore – her personality, […]

I had the unfortunate position of being tuned in to Maina and King’ang’i yesterday morning (I have nothing against the duo but the nonsense they spew and entertain) and I didn’t think my morning could get any more superficially worse. How wrong I was. Have you noticed how some seasoned musicians from the 90s are now […]

Earlier this month, the Elani trio announced of new Elani Music which hinted at their successive album, Colours of Love. You’ve got to hand it to them for coming up with great & memorable songs like Kookoo, Barua ya Dunia and Jana Usiku in their freshman album Barua Ya Dunia. The good news is that Elani […]