Blick Bassy has been one of my greatest finds this year. His latest album, 1958, grounded in both melody and voice, is what happens when making music actually matters. The album, done in Bassy’s native language, Basa’a, is a eulogium for Ruben Um Nyobè. The depth in which he sings is remarkable and so are […]

The more behindhand I get, the more music and musings I accumulate that I have to write about; so many that the sheer thought of them all might render none of them writ. Nonetheless, I have to, today, feature this one enduringly beautiful album by a woman I have come to adore – her personality, […]

It is a truth universally known that artists are hardly celebrated at home, but what a difference a feature or sampling makes! I confess that, although a great enthusiast of African lore, I have yet to pay homage to a lot of my favourite Kenyan musicians. Ayub Ogada, whose 1993 album En Mana Kuoyo I’m […]

I am, right now, euphorically happy after having seen a tweet that reminded me of Mory Kante – the product of a family of Mandinka griots from Guinea. Mory’s is an interesting musical journey ever since he was first sent to Mali to learn folk lore and kora playing. He was only 15 when he later joined […]

It is the sultriness in Shekhinah’s voice that initially spurred my consideration for her – I first listened to her at the Blankets & Wine festival held in December 2017. Thus, with the cheery sass of a hopeful lover, I recently listened to Rose Gold, her debut album released October 2017. The album quality is […]